About me!


Found some questions online and thought I’d answer them for you to give a little insight on who I am.

  1. Middle name: Jean (I hate it. Sorry to anyone else who has the same name.)
  2. Where are you from: Hare Bay, Newfoundland, Canada
  3. Where have you lived: Hare Bay, Newfoundland; Scarborough, Ontario; Stratford, Ontario and Chatham, Ontario.
  4. Do you wear glasses? I actually use to but when I went to the eye doctor as an adult I was told I had 20/20. So no, I do not.
  5. Favourite subject in school: Math, Art and Music. Sorry that’s three. aummm It’s a toss up between Art and Music.

6.  First pets’ name: A female cat named Tim. Yes, Tim. I didn’t know it was a female until she had kittens. I was little. That’s my excuse.
7.  Are you married? Yes, I have been with my husband since 1996 but married since 2001.
8.  Do you have kids? yup! Two awesome kids. My daughter is just about 17 and my son will be 13 in a few weeks.
9.  What color is your house? White, for now…
10. What color is your vehicle? White
11.  Do you have pets? Oh yes! A male Valley Bulldog, Tucker; a male cat, Mosby; and two male Ragdoll cats, Milo and Finn. They are all gorgeous.
12.  Favourite drink: Root Beer but I rarely drink it. It’s a treat. I mostly drink coffee and water.
13.  Favourite food: Pizza!!!!
14.  Last thing you bought: Just went to Michaels. I bought a sketchbook, a set of Sakura Pigma pens, Strathmore Artist Tiles and a chipboard mixed media mini album.
15.  Favourite color: turquoise (I need a heart emoji)
16.  Hobbies: drawing, painting, mixed media, zentangle and I did scrapbook, hoping to get back into that.
17.  Favourite T.V. show: Big Bang Theory
18.  Favourite movie: oh boy! I don’t have one movie that is my favourite. The movies I have watched over and over again are Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and  Greese 1 and 2. But I don’t tend to watch those anymore. I love the kids movies: Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Despicable Me. We actually owned the Toy Story movies before we even had kids. We also use to watch Bobby’s World before kids too!
19.  Favourite season: Fall! I love Fall. I wish it lasted longer. It’s way too brief.
20.  Few things you would like to accomplish: I would like to learn to speak French and Spanish. I know some French from school but definitely need a course still.  I would also love to learn to play the piano and guitar. I took guitar lessons in school for a few years but I haven’t touched it since. Still need lessons.
21.  If you could have any power/magic, what would it be? To be able to travel with the snap of my fingers. All my family live in another province. Plus there are so many beautiful places in this world to see.
22.  Do you like to bake/cook? Yes, if I have time and am in the mood.
23.  What’s your dream job? hmmmm I’m not sure exactly but it would be something creative. Either decorating or making things….or having a studio/store where I would sell all kinds of different artsy and crafty things.
24.  Favourite game on your cell phone: Candy Crush, actually I think Tens has take over.
25.  Favourite song: according to hubby every song that comes on the radio is one of my favourites.
26.  Favourite smell: cooked basmati rice, fresh baked bread, the air after it rains, a baby after a bath
27.  First thing you notice about another person: Their eyes or their smile, not sure which. Maybe their hair too.
28.  Scary movies or happy endings: definitely happy endings. HATE scary movies. No interest what-so-ever!
29.  Favourite store: any art supply store or Winners/Homesense
30.  Did you enjoy taking this quiz? Yes actually, it was quite fun!